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For your customers

Registering customers

  • Your customers can register and can log in after you approve them
  • You can add customers on your own and invite them to log in
  • Product prices are hidden until customer logs in

Products & Catalog

  • Easy searching of products based on title, code and category
  • View detailed description per product
  • Gallery with pictures per product
  • See offers per category or product


  • Simple order process
  • Multiple delivery addresses per customer
  • Detailed order history
  • Simple re-ordering of products based on order history
  • Un-submitted orders are saved for later use


  • Works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and modern smartphones
  • Browser based. No installation of extra software is required

For your company


  • Add new customers/edit existing ones
  • Invite customers by using only their email
  • View detailed reports per customer
  • Allocate customers at specific pricelists


  • Organize products by categories and subcategories
  • Add product description and images
  • Add supporting documents (eg. PDF, DOC) per product
  • Set minimum quantity that can be ordered
  • Define pricing rules
  • Import products from an XLS file

Prices & Pricelists

  • Define Multiple pricelists for different customer groups
  • Pricelist inheritance (update a pricelist's prices based on another pricelist)
  • Custom prices per customer
  • Manage multiple VAT rules


  • Set discount per customer
  • Set discount at order
  • Set discounts at specific categories
  • Set discounts based on quantity
  • Set simple discounts at products


  • View all your customers' orders summary and details
  • Send and receive messages specific about an order
  • Send notifications to your customers
  • Set a minimum order value
  • Define and set your own order statuses

Content Management

  • Add your company's news
  • Add custom pages for your customers (eg terms and conditions, instructions etc)

Data management - API

  • Export and import of your data in XLS, CSV and TSV formats
  • Interact with accounting systems with our API
  • Create your product catalog PDF automatically
  • Custom integrations (upon request)


  • Graph with Orders per Month
  • Graph with Orders per Customer
  • Graph with Orders per Product
  • Easy Google Analytics integration


  • Add Banners with links to categories, products or offers
  • Show promotions and featured products at home page
  • Show featured products at categories

Your Branding

  • Use your own logo
  • Set your colors
  • Use your custom email signature